Raynor Trademark

Raynor Trademark Door
Raynor Trademark Door

Raynor TradeMark – A Pan Door With an Advantage

TradeMark sections are constructed from high-strength, rust-resistant galvanized steel and are coated with a backed-on polyester paint finish for extended life. TradeMark also offers an optional layer of polystyrene insulation for additional thermal efficiency.

Raynor Trademark Rugged Durability
Raynor Trademark Rugged Durability

Rugged Durability

  1. Track formed from strong, galvanized steel, along with durable, long-lasting steel rollers ensure smooth, quiet operation.
  2. An energy-saving core of polystyrene insulation provides added comfort and helps keep your garage quieter.
  3. Strong, roll-formed tongue-and-groove meeting rails seal out wind and rain, keeping your garage dry and secure.
  4. Authentic woodgrain texture on the doors exterior adds visual appeal.
Raynor Trademark Panel Style
Raynor Trademark Panel Style

2″ Thick Door Sections

TradeMark door sections are made from high-strength, impact-resistant steel.

  • Baked-on finish
  • Epoxy primer
  • Galvanized layer
  • High-strength steel
  • Polystyrene insulation (optional feature)


Heights: 66 through 10 in three inch increments*
Widths: 4 through 18 in one inch increments

*7’3″ height not available

Wind Load Pressures in PSF: (All garage doors impact rated.)

Door Width Wind Load Rating
9′ +65/-75
10′ +56.4/-65.1
16′ +45/-52
18′ +43.5/-50