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Commercial Sectional Garage Doors

Explore ourline of Raynor sectional garage doors, from thermal efficiency and extreme durability to architecturally inspired models, find the right garage door for your building application.

Doors within the Raynor SteelForm family are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. SteelForm door sections are a full 2″ thick and made of hot-dipped galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance.

Raynor Steelform Commercial Sectional Garage Door

Raynor Steelform Commercial Garage Door

S-20 and S-24

These benchmark products provide proven Raynor reliability and durability to meet or exceed the requirements of daily use. These 20 and 24-gauge doors are offered with the widest selection of quality features and options for the most common product applications.

Steelform Features

Every sectional pan door in the SteelForm family is built for superior performance. Many of the features listed below are available on the doors.

  1. Durable Construction.Constructed with stainless steel rivets and roll-formed tongue and- groove meeting rails for maximum structural integrity, S-16, S-20, S-24 and S-24C doors are built to withstand heavy use.
  2. Rugged Hardware and Springs.Your SteelForm door comes packaged with the right combination of hardware, track and springs to precisely match your doors size and application and provides years of reliable service.
  3. Decreased Energy Costs.SteelForm doors help you reduce energy costs with a U-shaped, vinyl bottom weatherseal secured by a sturdy aluminum retainer.
Raynor Steelform Garage Door Features

Model Upgrades & Options: SteelForm S-20, S-24 Models


Doors are available with energy-saving insulation. Choose from hardboard, white impact-resistant (shown) or steel (26, 24 or 20-gauge) back covers.

Customized Track and Hardware Systems

Track systems are supplied to fit special clearances, inclines or contour applications. Hardware and track systems can be designed to fit any need.* Additional trussing is available for special windloading applications.

High-Cycle Counterbalance Systems

For reliable operation in high traffic areas, choose high-cycle torsion springs with 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000- cycle life. For reduced maintenance and ultra-smooth operation in heavy-use applications, choose a weight counterbalance system.

The combination of durable, 24-gauge steel, defined raised panel styling and authentic woodgrain texture provides the perfect companion to Raynor’s residential TradeMark steel garage doors. When exterior appearance is important, you can add charm with colonial or ranch panels, or even choose the carriage house option for a distinctive look.

Wind Load Pressures in PSF:


Door Width Wind Load Rating Impact Rated
9′ +65/-75 Yes
10′ +56.4/-65.1 Yes
16′ +45/-52 Yes
18′ +43.5/-50 Yes

Commercial Trademark


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Raynor Steelform Commercial Garage Door


Commercial TradeMark:

Door Width Wind Load Rating Impact Rated
9′ +80/-85.8 Yes
10′ +60/-74.5 Yes
16′ +40/-52 Yes
18′ +40/-52 Yes

Model Upgrade & Options: Commercial TradeMark Models


An optional energy-saving core of polystyrene insulation provides added comfort.


Track formed from strong galvanized steel, paired with durable, long-wearing steel rollers, ensures smooth operation.