Organizing Your Garage Space

organizing garage

Temperatures are rising, and as the weather gets nicer, we tend to want to spend more time outside. Whether biking, hiking, tennis, or something else is your outdoor activity of choice, chances are, you store some of your equipment in the garage. When it comes time to get outside and enjoy yourself, you may find that the items you need in order to do so are buried beneath everything else taking up space in your garage. Often, clutter from around your home gets moved out of the way and into the storage area that is out of sight and out of mind. When this habit contributes to an excess of belongings strewn about, it may be time to get organized. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks at organizing your garage space in the most effective manner. Let’s check them out! 

Start By Clearing Out

The first step to a successful reorganization is clearing out the space. It can be hard to move things around when there are items anywhere and everywhere. Pick a day where the weather is pleasant, and begin by moving everything in your garage out to your driveway. By opening up the space within your garage, you can truly get an idea of what areas you have available and what you are working with. This can make it easier to start developing a game plan for how you would like to organize. It also helps to determine if your garage is in need of any repair or maintenance

Deep Clean

Once everything is moved out of the garage, it is an ideal time to deep clean all the areas you could not get to before. Prior to moving everything back into the garage, make sure you devote adequate time to getting in all the nooks and crannies. Wipe down existing shelving units, sweep the floors and wipe off any spills that have occurred. Doing this not only improves the appearance of your garage, but it also helps to protect and extend the lifespan of anything you are storing there. 

Plan in Advance

Before moving all of your storage and belongings back into the garage space, take the time to go through everything and make a plan. Decide which items can be tossed or donated, and create categories for everything you are keeping. Sports equipment, grilling accessories, lawn maintenance tools, and more, can all be potential classifications. Rearrange these items into their appropriate groupings out on the driveway, removing the items you are not planning on keeping and then assess what you are working with. 

Designate Assigned Spaces

Once you have sifted through your belongings and created different categories of what you are holding on to, take a look at how much space each of those categories will require in your garage. Assign various areas of your garage to be dedicated to each classification so all the corresponding items will comfortably fit together. 

Upgrade Your Storage

Now that you have deciphered just how much space you will be dedicating to each category, you can upgrade your storage system to properly house all of your belongings. Investing in new storage containers that are water and weather resistant can protect your possessions, and labeling these bins can help you stay organized and save time from searching through all of them to find the one item you need. 

Stick to a System

Now that you have achieved peak organization, develop a system and stick to it moving forward. Having an idea of where everything should go helps you stay on the same page with everyone else in the household, and makes it easier to keep your garage area clean and organized. Next time you want to get out and enjoy the weather, you can find your rollerblades in a breeze and be on your way! If you have any questions about keeping your garage in tiptop shape, or you have discovered an area in need of maintenance or repair, reach out to our garage experts today