Making the Most of a Small Garage

making most of small garage

Perhaps you have a small garage space connected to your home or townhome. Maybe you are renting a small garage space at your apartment complex. Or, possibly you have an average sized garage, however, the majority of it is being used for storing household items, leaving little room for parking your vehicle. Oftentimes, whatever amount of space is available in the garage is quickly eaten up by bicycles, seasonal decor boxes, hardware and tools, outdoor activity equipment, and more. Regardless of what is taking up space in your parking perimeter, we have a few suggestions for making the most of your small garage. 


A great place to start when your space is limited, is to go through the items you are storing in your garage, and eliminate unnecessary ones, or see if there are better places to store some items. Once you have narrowed down what actually needs to be kept in your garage, look into vertical or hanging storage options. This cuts down on the amount of floor space your storage will be taking up, which can create some extra space for you to park in. Stackable storage options also can be good solutions if you have available height to work with within your garage. This cleaning and rearranging of your garage can help you see how much space you are really working with, and may make it easier to pull in and out without hassle. 

Spacial Awareness

With a renewed garage space to work with, it may be a good idea to take note of how your car fits within your garage. See how far you can pull in comfortably, and mark this by hanging a ball on a string from the ceiling. Hang it so that when your windshield touches it, you know you have pulled in far enough for your garage to close properly, without crowding the front of the car too much either. 

Another great option for creating some spacial awareness within your small garage space is to mark how far your doors open on each side and ensure that these areas are kept clear of any excess storage or other obstacles. If you are concerned about parking properly within your garage, you can also install a bumper guard to help protect both your car and your garage walls. 

making most of small garage

Don’t Forget Your Mirrors

One of the main differences between parking in a tight garage space and parking in lots or outdoor spaces is that you must keep your side mirrors in consideration. While they may not seem large enough to worry about, they do protrude from the side of your car enough to require accommodation. If your car mirrors fold or tilt in, doing so while pulling into your garage may make the task tremendously easier. Just remember to fold or tilt them back out when you go to drive around town again! 


It may seem silly to practice parking within your own garage, but when you are adjusting to a smaller space, practice can make or break your success. Familiarity with parking in your tiny garage will come with time, however, you can help this happen quicker by completing a couple of test runs to ensure you know the angles and depths at which you are pulling in. 

Now that you know just how to get that perfect parking job every time in your small garage, you may want to make the most of the space by upgrading the exterior as well. If you are interested in a new garage door, or want an updated opener, contact our team of experts today to see what we can do for you!