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Haas Door Insulated Aluminum

Announcing the only Aluminum Garage Door available for High Velocity Hurricane Zone Installations! Perfect for South Florida and the Keys!

The Haas Door 5000 Series have an embossed stucco exterior and feature a tough, durable, and weather-resistant Trinar paint finish. Exposed for decades at weathering facilities in South Florida and other locations around the world, testing has proven Trinar paints are more than capable of withstanding the degrading effects of weather extremes from the equator to the arctic.

The 5000 Series provides maximum energy efficiency by using CFC-Free polyurethane foam insulation. This means a calculated R-Value of 17.66 for 5200 models and R-Value of 16.8 for 5700 models.

  • 5200 model doors are 2 thick, while the 5700 models are 1 thick.
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the 5000 Series is ideal in all climates. Adding beauty and value to your home has never been this easy!
  • Florida HVHZ Approvals: 9 wide FL17430.4 +65/-73.5; 16 wide FL17430.5 +48/-52; 18 wide FL17430.6 +45/-50
  • Miami-Dade Approvals: 9 wide 17-1023.10 +65/-73.5; 16 wide 17-1023.150 +48/-52; 18 wide 17-1023.16 +45/-50

Available Door Series

5000 series Garage Doors
5200 Garage Door models

5000 Garage Door series
5700 Garage Door models

Available Door Styles

Flush Garage Door Style


v-groove garage door style


ranch garage door style


raised-panel garage door style

Raised Panel


trinar-white garage door color

Trinar White

trinar-almond garage door color

Trinar Almond


  • Lifetime Warranty 17.66/16.8 Calculated R-Value Full Thermal Break 2/ 1 Thick CFC Free Insulation
  • Heavy Vinyl Bottom Seal Embossed Stucco Aluminum Durable Trinar Finish Coat 2 Color Choices
  • Available Colors: Trinar White Trinar Almond