FAQ #2 Garage Door Will Not Open

My Garage Door Will Not Open

Broken Spring?

Garage Doors require counter balance springs to allow the garage door to be operated with reasonable force. If a spring or springs is broken then the force required to open the garage door is excessive. Operating a garage door with a broken spring can cause bodily injury. Call a professional garage door company to repair this situation. Be sure that the correct spring or springs have been installed prior to paying for the repair. A properly sprung garage door should be at a balance point when opened manually to the 1/2 way point. If the door fails this balance test then the springs are incorrect for the weight of the garage door.

Power off to Garage Door Opener?

If you have a garage door opener and the door will not open or close, be sure that the garage door opener has power to the outlet. Check your circuit breakers if no power is evident. You may plug in a small lamp or other appliance to test the outlet. If power is found to be OK, unplug the garage door opener for 1 minute. If the opener works when plugged back in, it was confused, probably by power fluctuations. If the opener does not work, call a professional garage door service company.

Power Outage?

Residential garage door openers have a release mechanism that should allow you to manually open and close your garage door when there is a power outage. Usually, the release mechanism is a pull cord hanging down from the opener trolley that connects the garage door to the opener. Pull the cord down and with LiftMaster openers pull the cord down and towards the back if the garage to latch open. Carefully manually lift the garage door. When power returns, you may have to re-engage the trolley by pulling the cord down and towards the garage door before releasing. Usually, you can cycle the door opener to get the opener and door “married” back together. If your garage door has not had regular service, you may find that the spring tension is below the balance point, This may cause the garage door to want to close by itself. If you have this situation, call a professional garage door service company. NEVER attempt to adjust garage door springs yourself. Bodily injury could result.