DoorKing Telephone Entry and Access Controls

DKS DoorKing
DKS DoorKing

1500 Digital Keypads

Door King 1500 Digital Keypads
  • For stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller
  • Keypad User’s enter their 4-5 digit unique PIN (personal identification number) to gain entry
  • Intercom model 1504 combines the keypad with an intercom substation that can be used with some existing intercom systems

1812 Classic

Door King 1812 classic
  • Single Family Intercom System
  • #1 Selling Telephone Entry

1812 Plus

Door King 1812 plus
  • Homeowners
  • Small Apartment
  • Condo

1812 Access Plus

Door King 1812 Access Plus
  • Talk to your guest at a front door or gate from any telephone in the home!
  • Control access with a simple push of a button on your touch-tone telephone
  • Additional access point control with card readers, keypads or RF receiver