Creating a Living Space in Your Garage

Creating Living Space in Your Garage

Times may come when you happen to have a need for some extra living space in your home. Whether the weather does not allow for kids to be spending time outside, or you have to adjust to multiple people within your family working from home at the same time, sometimes the pre-existing rooms simply are not enough. In these circumstances, a solution to consider may be to create an extra living space within your garage. This can be temporary or permanent, and can serve many purposes depending on what your needs as a household are. Let’s check out some of the garage conversion ideas you could utilize!


With social distancing restrictions having been in place for most of 2020, getting to the gym for a good workout has proven to be difficult. Now that a new year has started, you may have established a resolution to start exercising regularly again. A great way to accomplish this and hold yourself accountable is to create a gym space within your own home, in this case, in your garage. 

Some things to keep in mind with this redesign project might be to invest in padded flooring, and look into multi-purpose machine set ups in order to make the most of the space. Switching out your garage door for one with glass paneling or sections in it can allow for more natural light, making it an even more pleasant space to burn some calories in. Insulating your garage to help regulate temperature and looking into a space heater or portable air conditioning unit can assist with the comfortability of the space as well. 

Depending on your preferences for working out, you may also choose to install a television or entertainment set up, perhaps adding surround sound speakers for an ideal music experience while you get your pump on. A home gym space also opens up several creative design ideas, so we encourage playing around with colors and patterns that excite you and get you excited to spend time working out in your new space. 


Over the course of 2020, several companies transitioned to a remote working environment, leaving many people to create home office setups within their houses. While many of these makeshift spaces may work temporarily, if your workplace has gone to WFH permanently or indefinitely, a more established solution might benefit your productivity, as well as your enjoyment, at work. Creating a home office space within your garage is a great way to help create some separation between your work and home life and establishes some boundaries for others within your home as well, allowing you to focus on your work more effectively. 

Working from your garage may not immediately sound like the most ideal solution, however, with a few updates to the space, you will find yourself in a roomy home office of your dreams. Insulation and finding ways to incorporate more natural lighting, such as upgrading your garage door for one with glass paneling or creating additional windows in the space, are ways to make your garage a more pleasant space to be. Refinishing the floor or adding some rugs will create a layer of coziness as well. With garages, you have the freedom to have fun with the design, so pick colors that you wouldn’t dream of using elsewhere in your home, try some new design ideas, and have fun creating a space that you will spend growing your business and excelling in your career. If necessary, you can even add extra electrical sockets and indoor lighting options to make the room a more permanent fixture in your home. 

These are just two of several options you have when redoing your garage and creating additional living space for your home. You can also utilize this area of your house for art studios, entertainment dens, or kids’ playrooms. What ideas do you have? If you are ready to make the move to upgrade your garage, and want to start with a new, more functional door, let our experts know! Contact us today to see how we can help.