Broken Garage Door Spring?

If your garage door has a broken spring, then opening the door either manually or with your automatic opener may not be possible.

We can help. We will replace your broken spring with high quality computer calculated garage door spring replacement.

Don’t accept just any garage door spring. We will provide a spring or springs with the same or greater life cycle count.

Has the job been done right?

It is very important that you verify that the new spring or springs are correct for your particular garage door. When the technician says that the job is completed, make sure that the job is done correctly. The garage door, if sprung correctly, should open to the half way point and stay there without any mechanical help. To do this test, the garage door opener must be disconnected.

Who can do this repair job?

Adjusting garage door springs can be dangerous and only trained technicians should ever do this work. Serious bodily injury or death can result.