Automating Your Garage Door: Why?

automating your garage door

Home automation has been quite the craze in the past decade, and the benefits of this extend into every aspect of your house, including your garage. You may be familiar with the luxuries of being able to control your lights or your coffee maker or your thermostat conveniently from an app on your phone, however, you may not realize that there are similar automation options for your garage. There are multiple advantages to automating your garage door, so let’s dive in and take a look. 


One of the most notable benefits of automating anything in your home is the convenience that comes along with it. Your garage door is no exception to this. Connecting your garage door opener to an app on your phone allows you to ditch the extra remote, and be able to open and shut your garage door from anywhere. You can even set up an automation sequence for when you get home. A simple command such as “Siri, I’m home,” can trigger your outdoor lights to flicker on and your garage door to open up on demand. It’s almost as good as having your own personal welcoming committee every time you pull in the driveway! 


In addition to providing a level of convenience unmatched by manual operations, automation also creates a more secure environment for you and your loved ones. By being able to keep track of your garage opening and closing remotely, you can better monitor who is accessing your home, and you can verify that you did indeed close your garage door behind you when you left for work this morning. On top of all of that, you can grant temporary guest access remotely if you need to have someone check in on your home while you are away. Automating your garage allows you to have better control of what happens in and around your home. 

Certain automated garage doors also allow for a vacation mode to be enabled. This means that, while this mode is active, your garage door cannot be opened by any remote entry point, including a keypad or clicker. This extra level of security helps to ensure that robbers, or even known guests, are not able to make themselves at home while you are away. 


If convenience and security don’t have you convinced to automate your garage door yet, you may want to consider that automation also increases the safety of your garage. Garage doors are already equipped with basic safety features, such as sensors to prevent the door from closing when the signal is interrupted, however, automating your door takes this safety to the next level. Automation, especially when paired with surveillance cameras, can allow you to monitor the whereabouts of children and pets, and can help to prevent the closing of the door when anything comes near the garage, whether the sensors are interrupted or not. 


If you are counting the costs of automating your garage door, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that it typically does not require too much investment. There are many automation solutions to accommodate whatever your wants and needs are, and they can be tailored to fit within whatever your budget is. The costs are generally worth it for all the benefits that come along with the automation as well. 

Increasing Value

Last, but not least, another benefit of automating your garage is the value that it adds to your home. With automation being such a big movement, having your garage updated and outfitted with the latest technological advances is almost a necessity. Should you choose to relocate in the future, you are likely to earn back the money you invested in the automation when you go to resell your home. 

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should consider automating your garage door. With all the benefits it brings, we’re certainly a fan. If you’re not quite ready to take the step of automation, or you simply want to update some other parts of your garage first, contact our team of experts to see how we can help today!